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GSYE Grants

The Gower Society has awarded, via GSYE, ten grants this year. Eight of these were for primary schools and two for a secondary school. Where possible the children themselves have been fully involved in the grant applications and with the rise of eco clubs in schools this has been an enhancing and educational activity for them. The recipients have sent us photos of what they have achieved with the grants and these were displayed at the Gower Show along with the applications. GSYE has been attempting to produce a website produced called Gower Explorers to enhance young people’s visitor experience to Gower. We felt that this could be a good use of the Betty Lowe memorial fund. We recognise the need for professional help with this and hope that the Gower Society will consider employing someone to develop and maintain our project, as well as for the main website, as we feel this is a worthwhile venture.

To download the latest GSYE grant form, click here.

Grant Number Date received Organisation and use of grant Amount given
129 30/01/2018 Pennard Primary School, to develop woodland area £750
130 31/01/2018 Morriston Primary School, to improve walkway into school with planters and plants £748.64
T1 28/03/2018 St Helens Flying Start, transport to Port Eynon £80
131 05/04/2018 Talycopa Primary School, to develop wildlife sanctuary £748
132 05/04/2018 Pen-y-Bryn Special School, to create a sensory garden £737.75
133 18/04/2018 Glyncollen Primary School, to buy a polytunnel for growing plants £687.99
134 19/04/2018 Whitestone Primary School, to create and plant wheelchair accessible raised beds for the garden £750
135 20/04/2018 St Helens Primary School,to buy recycled planters for their playground area £750
136 04/05/2018 Trallwn Primary School, to create outdoor learning areas £750
T2 04/05/2018 Clydach Primary School, transport to field trip £95
T3 02/05/2018 Clase Primary School, transport to Caswell Bay field trip including Forest School £420
T4 15/05/2018 Gwyrosydd Primary School, transport to field trip £85
137 08/05/2018 St Davids RC Primary School, to develop bird watching facilities £750
138 08/05/2018

Tre Uchaf Primary School, to build a hide and buy equipment for wildlife observation in outdoor area

T5 15/06/2018 Dunvant Primary School, transport for 3 classes to Oxwich field trips £330
T6 15/06/2018 Talycopa Primary School, transport to field trip to Bishopswood Caswell £85
139 22/06/2018 Sketty Primary School, to improve existing pond £550
140 15/06/2018 Gendros Primary School, to buy top soil for planters and plants £584.50
141 15/06/2018 Hendrefoilan Primary School, to create a sensory garden and buy gardening equipment. £550
    Total given out £9,963.70
    Total for transport costs only £1,095


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