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Green Energy Policy

This policy is generally in line with the position statement on Renewable Energy issued by the National Association for AONBs. The Society recognises the ever changing importance of reducing the dependence on fossil fuels and would keep an open mind in future proposals and innovation. It is for guidance only and individual cases will be further reviewed at the time of application.

The Lordship of Gower could be split into the following areas as different areas may require a different response:

A. Gower Peninsula - AONB

B. Gower Peninsula -Non AONB - Urban

C. Gower Peninsula -Non AONB - Rural

D. Rest of Lordship - Prospective AONB extension (now deemed unlikely and on hold)

E. Rest of Lordship - Remainder - Urban

F. Rest of Lordship - Remainder - Rural

G. Outside the Lordship but affecting it visually



Tidal Lagoons

Only current one is in Swansea Bay (Area G). The Society has reservations about any negative visual, environment, marine wildlife and sediment impacts upon the AONB A lagoon close to any part of the Gower coast would have a detrimental impact on Area A and would be objected to.

Tidal Flow Capture. (Barrage)

It is not impossible that a scheme for the Loughor estuary could be proposed upstream of Lougher. This would be considered but impact upon all wild life is the real concern. A larger barrage between Whitford and Burry Port would have immense impact on  fishery and wild life and would be objected to.

Wind Farms - Large Land Based

Any large turbines within Areas A to F would be visually too obtrusive and would be objected to. However a precedent was set with Mynydd y Gwyr construction for Area F. Those in area G should be considered on a case by case basis. The Society would object if they are considered too obtrusive to the character of the AONB.

Wind Farms - Large Marine Based

This would be Area G and should be considered on a case by case basis. The Society would object only if they are considered as damaging to the AONB.

Individual Wind Turbines

This has to be a case by case consideration. The Society would review location, scale, visual and noise impact upon the landscape.

Solar 'Farms'

Object in Area A as they are industrial installations. Object in other areas only if it has a significant visual impact on Area A. The Society objected to the proposal at Ilston on landscape impact grounds that was upheld at Appeal.

Solar Panels - Domestic

No objection to small installation unless highly visual and intrusive, whether on roof or in garden.

Solar Panels - Large arrays on large shed/barn roofs

Consider on a case by case basis. Generally no objection if on existing buildings and not too obtrusive. (We do not want encourage new large "farm" buildings erected principally to accommodate panels.)

(Note: The less visually intrusive dark frame type of solar cell to be encouraged in all solar locations and should always to be a first option. These make a significant improvement on visual impact.)


No objection to "domestic" farm installations. Object in Areas A & D if installation would import basic biomass material as it would be "industrial". In other areas consider on case by case basis whether there would be a significant visual impact and / or if it would generate unwanted damaging heavy traffic. Odours can be an issue.

Ground source heat pumps

In principle no objections, consider individual cases on merit.

Fracking and Coal Seam Gasification

In line with current Cymru Senedd thinking and the Society would object.

Updated 21 Feb 2021



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