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Gower is an area of contrasts:
magnificent cliffs, estuary marshland and seascapes,
 some of the finest beaches in the UK,
hidden valleys, wind-swept uplands
and a unique place in history.

 The Annual General Meeting of the Society is now to be held on the Internet,  via Zoom link on Saturday 24 October 2020 at 6.00pm.  Members must register with the secretary to receive Zoom invite. Full details are being circulated to members this week.

(updated 12 October 2020)

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Gower is a special place. You will enjoy getting to know about it – its diverse land, its rich history and its people. Like us, you will come to love Gower, to appreciate all it has to offer and to care for its future.

The lordship of Gower has existed for a thousand years; and for centuries before that it was the Welsh district of Gŵyr. It includes majestic uplands to the north, Wales’ second city at its centre and – to the west – the superb Gower peninsula which encompasses the UK’s first designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in 1956.

We want to share this special place with you.
We want to safeguard this special place together.

Robin Kirby, Chairman of board of trustees

The Gower Society works hard to protect of Gower’s iconic status on the South Wales coast.
Today, we have over 1,000 members worldwide and want you to be one of them.

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Become a Member of The Gower Society

Join us in enjoying and protecting this unique area for our future generations.

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