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Despite planting seeds on 1 June we have lots of sunflowers nearly in bloom, linseed in bloom and in seed, triticali (a barley cross) in head, three types of millet growing well and seed anticipated, chicory (stand and deliver) growing well down both sides but regret ably no poppies. I have written to the seed suppliers on this. We also have a profusion of fat hen that was not planted (unless within seed supplied) and is in great profusion. Seed bearing and attractive to birds though. Similarly we have a yellow glow of mustard over the whole field (again birds like the seed) but the dreaded sow thistle is within manageable proportions.

This morning I went down the field and there were about 40 swallows and 20 house martins coursing over the top of the flowers, About 6 to 10 whitethroats were gathering large quantities of a small caterpillar off the mustard and there was a profusion of cabbage white and meadow brown butterflies. The undergrowth is full of other insects,spiders, lady birds, grasshoppers and young crickets. A veritable feast for insect eaters.

Barry was down with his moth traps last Saturday and recorded 136 species in great quantities. He was ‘mothed out’ recording them between 5-30am. and 8-00am. Many were quite rare to Glamorgan and Gower. He is looking forward to bird ringing in the autumn.

Gordon and Beryl

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