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The Gower Society
(charity re. no. 1172919)
General Meeting

NOTICE is given that a General Meeting of the Society will be held on Saturday,  3rd  November 2018, at 10:30 am at The Community Centre, Victoria Road, Penclawdd, SA4 3FJ, but after the annual general meeting convened for that time, for the following purpose:

TO RESOLVE that the current constitution that was last amended on 22 April 2017 be further amended in accordance with the draft which by 3 October 2018 will be published and duly identified on the website of the Society and a paper copy available on request to the Secretary.

A.R.Kirby,Chairman.                                                                      19 September 2018.


At a general meeting of the Society as an unincorporated charity reg. no. 258372 held on 7 May 2016 it was resolved that upon registration of the Society as an incorporated charity the Committee be empowered to take all steps necessary to effect the change of status including the transfer of the assets and liabilities of the unincorporated charity to the incorporated charity and the dissolution of the unincorporated charity. The registration took place on 9 May 2017 but the said transfer and dissolution have not yet taken place.

The Society has been advised by counsel that after dissolution some legacies left to the dissolved charity (quoting its charity number) were at risk of not passing to the dissolved charity in the absence of appropriate provision in the relevant will and to avoid such occurrence the unincorporated charity should not be dissolved but operate as a “shell” charity linked to the incorporated charity, subject to the approval of the Charity Commission, so to receive any such legacies and transfer them to the incorporated charity.The approval of the Commission has been sought.

Accordingly it is proposed the constitution be amended to include the following additional clause: “33 The Society is linked with the Unincorporated Association for administrative purposes”. There are further amendments to confirm automatic membership of the incorporated charity (cl. 9.2), minor changes to the numbers of days for notice (cls. 10.3.2, 11.3 & 11.23) and provision for nomination of officers.

The unincorporated charity approved in general meeting on 5 May 2018 a revision of its constitution which included a corresponding linkage provision as well as its trustees be the same trustees as those of the incorporated charity.


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