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Gower Society Design Awards

Since 2003 our Planning Committee has made awards for projects that are judged to be worthy of recognition and are in our judges’ opinion well above the average.

Two awards have been made  to individuals who have shown particular skills in traditional construction methods. We strive to locate projects within the whole area of The Lordship of Gower and have concentrated on traditional buildings and restoration with a few modern designs included.

We welcome suggestions for awards, send to gowsocsecratary@gmail.com by no later than December. Judging takes place in the early part of the year (usually January). We present our awards at our AGM.



Left photo: The Round House, Vennaway Lane Parkmill. Rebuild on same location of a traditional high quality dwelling with a design ‘reference’ to the original toll house from the 19th century.

Right photo: The Old Vicarage Llangennith. A traditional dwelling constructed in place of the original property that reflects the previous design but with a modern twist to the treatment of the rear elevation.

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