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Charitable Status

The Gower Society, which was founded in 1947, has been a registered charity since 1969. In 2014 the Society decided to apply to the Charity Commission to be an incorporated charity, which was a new form of charitable status created by the Charities Act 2006. The Society would become a separate legal entity enabling it to enter in to contracts and absolving members from liability for claims made against the Society. The incorporated charity number 1192919 was formed on 7 May 2016.

However, the unincorporated earlier charity remained in being and continued to run the affairs of the Society until certain further steps were taken. It was decided not to dissolve the earlier charity but to retain it as a shell with a basic constitution and having no members or committee. Its objects and trustees would be the same as those of the incorporated charity. The sole reason for its retention was to facilitate the transfer to the new incorporated charity of any future legacies left to the Society described in wills by reference to their old charity number.

Consequently, both charities had to be linked by the Charity Commission. This was formally done in June 2019. The new incorporated charity became the lead charity. That enabled the Society’s assets to be transferred from the old charity to the new charity in August 2019 and for the Society to be fully operational as an incorporated charity number 1172919.

The change in legal status has not changed the aims of the Society. The Society’s principal charitable object continues for the public benefit to be to promote the preservation, conservation and enhancement of the physical and natural environment of Gower.

Robin Kirby
Chairman of board of trustees
25 October 2019

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