Footpaths and Rights of Way

Walkinh in Gower

Walking in Gower
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There is no better way to fully appreciate Gower’s wonderful coast, views and countryside, in all their varying moods, than by walking its many paths. People never tire of visiting their favourite spots and discovering new ones.

Safeguarding Rights of Way and open spaces in Gower is one of the Society’s aims. Our network of footpaths is a part of our heritage that we consider worth maintaining and improving.  The completion of the Wales coast path is a notable improvement and is used by large numbers of both locals and visitors.

The Society is keen to help the City and Council of Swansea’s Countryside Access Team in its work of maintaining and improving the footpath and Rights of Way network. To this end, the Society’s Footpaths Officer works closely with the council’s team regarding proposed changes to public access, problems with footpaths and opportunities for improvements. The Society also contributes funds for various improvements to the network.

Any problems the public have with footpaths or Rights of Way may be notified directly to the council’s Countryside Access Team or addressed to the Society’s Footpath Officer who may advise on the current situation regarding the problem or liaise with the council to progress a satisfactory a resolution.

The Society provides a full programme of walks throughout the year.  Long Sunday walks are organised on alternate Sundays with our friends in the Swansea Ramblers providing walks on the other Sundays.  Shorter walks on each Saturday and some weekday walks are also enjoyed, even on those occasional wet days!

Details of the walks are shown in the Programme section of the website.

 Work Parties

Maintaining footpaths and improving access contributes to encouraging an appreciation and love of Gower.  Working parties, consisting of both Gower Society and Swansea Ramblers members, work with the local authority on footpath maintenance and improvement. This gives members the opportunity to make a physical contribution whilst learning and practising appropriate skills.

The work we do includes clearing paths with hand tools, strimmers, brush-cutters, etc., repairing and building timber stiles and bridges, installing gates, replacing and building steps, digging out paths, installing waymarks, and the like.

Our footpath work parties are held normally on the second Wednesday of each month and occasionally at other times as well. We also meet from time to time for other purposes such as beach cleaning or litter picking. Any member wishing to join a work party would be most welcome. For further details:

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