Walk through Bishopston Valley and Southgate

Notes of a walk in September 2017 from the walk leader, Jane Probert.

Our walk took us from the church in Pennard down a very muddy Bishopston Valley to Pwlldu Bay. We talked about the quarrying, shipping and farming which had made the area such a busy place in years gone by. Making use of Heather Holt’s publication ‘Pwlldu Remembered’ we identified the dwellings that remain in Pwlldu, including the ruins of a little cottage on the side of the stream. Climbing up from the valley to High Pennard, we walked along the cliffs towards Southgate. The views from the cliffs here are amazing – and the houses along East Cliff and West Cliff are always interesting to look at. After we’d had lunch on Pobbles Beach the rain really started to come down heavily, and it drove us to head back: through the village, down Hael Lane and back into the Bishopston valley. We walked through what must have been one of the muddiest sections possible in the valley, and so back to our starting point and home to clean our boots!

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