Planning Matters

Planning decisions can affect Gower – for better or for worse – for generations to come; so the Society’s work on planning issues is extremely important.

The Society works within current national and local policies regarding planning matters e.g. Welsh Assembly guidance, the Swansea Unitary Development Plan, the Gower Management Plan, The Design Guide for Gower, as well as the Lighting Guide and other supplementary guidance.

The Society

* scrutinises all planning applications for all of the CCS and in particular the AONB and its adjacent fringes
* responds if required with constructive comments or objections where thought necessary
* holds regular meetings with the local authority Planning Department
* conducts aerial surveys over the Gower peninsula
* responds to relevant Appeals to WAG
* responds to local and national consultations on a wide range of planning matters

The City and County of Swansea has developed a user-friendly website where you can look up planning decisions, see planning applications a week at a time and view all relevant details. Usually you will have a three-week time-slot in which to respond if you wish. This is your opportunity to see what is proposed near you and to make your views known to the planners.

To access the site, go to  This will take you straight to the City and County of Swansea’s Application Search page. Put this into your computer ‘favourites’ now, so it is easy to access. You will see that by typing in either the location, post code or application number you will be able to access in great detail any particular application that you wish to investigate. You will also be able to explore the weekly planning application list for the last 12 months as well as planning decisions delegated to officers or a minority determined by elected Council Members of the Planning Committee.  The web site is virtually faultless and a credit to the Department that has set it up.

If you wish to look at a paper copy of any application, these are  available on application to the front desk at the Civic Centre, preferably with prior warning OR by using dedicated computers in the study area near to the Archives Department.

The Society always welcomes hearing your concerns about planning issues regarding a development in your area. Local knowledge is important because it makes it easier to weigh up the issues. However, it is also important that you contact your local community council and County Councillor.


Enforcement can be nearly always  a  slow process in addressing issues and halting unlawful development. This is because it is an extremely complicated area of planning, with convoluted legal processes.
If you see what you think might be unlawful development taking place, let us know so that we can investigate, but also raise the issue with your local community councillors and City and County councillor. Alternatively and preferably the web site has a specific form  where any infringement may be logged in anominously on the Planning Enforcement Complaint Form, It is easy and do not hesitate to use it.

To contact the local authority enforcement officers direct , telephone 01792 635720 or