Planning (Wind Farm and Solar Panel Park)

Note from the Planning Team.

Mynydd y Gwair Wind Farm

The long awaited  final planning decision about the Mynydd y Gwair giant wind farm is due any time now. We gather that the Planning Inspector Clive Nield (a Chartered Civil Engineer) has delivered his Report and presumably recommendation to the Welsh Assembly where the Minister or Minister responsible have to deliberate and make the final planning decision. Considering that the Assembly has closed shop for the elections it begs the question as to when we are to receive this potentially landscape threatening news?

Llettyr Morfil Farm  Felindre. 8.8 hectare Solar Panel Park

We  commented upon this original application 2015/1529 (that was turned down by the CCS Planning Committee but recommended for approval by the officers) because solar panels outside the AONB are not automatically objected to by the Society. This is in our Protocol on Renewables. Our original letter was critical of the spread of panels that is being allowed to develop on land North of the M4 and in an area that we had, and still have  ambitions of including (along with upland Gower and Mynydd y Gwair) within a future extension of the Gower AONB. Clive Nield was again the  Planning Inspector for an Enquiry on the 26th April and we submitted additional information on the day, giving our opinion that the proliferation of solar panel farms can not continue ad infinitum.  Recent aerial photographs of existing installations stretching from Morriston Hospital to Felindre were also submitted along with a map showing all of those sites already approved within the CCS Planning Area. We also maintain that more panels should be placed on industrial buildings rather than on green field agricultural land.  After all our industrial sites are already visually damaged and solar panels can not make them worse.

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