Nitten Field in all its summer glory

Nitten field is glowing yellow from the mustard, corn marigolds and over the last few days, the dwarf sunflowers that are quite spectacular against the backdrop of dark green of the other seed producing plants in the field.  Sunflowers are not grown for their beauty but because of the insects that they attract and above all the nutritious seeds that will be produced by the end of September and last into the winter.  The amount of seeds that have been produced is well above our expectation level and we only hope that seed eating birds will discover the bonanza both when on their way South as migrants or later on when finches, that either remain here or migrate to South Wales from Scandinavia, congregate in large flocks and will home in on such an abundance of food.  Seed that is available will be sunflower, rape, mustard, linseed triticali (a barley hybrid), fat hen and millet.  You can pick out all of these on the photographs.

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