The Gower Society has given grant aid to Gower-related projects from its earliest days. In the last ten years, this grant support has totalled over £300,000. This means that, since much of this is match-funded, the amount of money benefiting Gower has been around half-a-million pounds.

These grants have helped with building restoration, environmental and conservation projects, research, community halls and many other facets of Gower life. With the GSYA also awarding its own grant aid to schools and youth organisations, the Society aims to improve the landscape and the environment – both built and natural.

The Gower Society welcomes applications, giving as much detail and costings as possible.  Below you will find two links:

1. An information sheet which will give you help with completing the application form

2.  A grant application form

[note that Youth (GSYA) grant information and application form are available on the Youth (GSYA) page]