Gower Society Walk, Saturday 28th October

The second recent Society walk on Mumbles Hill was on Saturday morning 28th October, led by Peter Douglas-Jones. Mandy, Christine and Bren – walk regulars – were at the Langland Corner rendezvous before 0930; and our chairman, by the narrowest of margins, was punctual too.

Dull overcast conditions had been predicted, but we were luckier than that. We made our way east of Rotherslade Road to a point on the Langland to Limeslade path in front of Beaufort Avenue. Then, rather than follow the coastal path, we went high – giving ourselves splendid views along the coast, as well as over farmland (six large fields now under cereal stubble), the cricket club and housing. Direct sunlight was like theatrical lighting on the houses of Higher Lanes and Thistleboon. Information was shared as to where Catherine Zeta Jones and lesser local luminaries lived. The path took us to Limeslade, and Fortes for an ice cream, before we went along the main road beside Bracelet Bay, striking up left onto a wide footpath to the top of Mumbles Hill and the radio mast. There were views from there, including of Swansea Bay, where a distant Great Northern Diver could be made out with binoculars. The path led to Thistleboon, Western Close and a footpath through the woods north of Hill Crest and Somerset Road into Overland Road and thence back to our starting point.

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